August 18, 2008
Late nights
Can’t get to sleep
Tossing and turning
Music is the medicine
For a good night’s sleep

In a peaceful mood?
Take opposite
Need some Blink 182
Mark on bass and Travis drumming
What’s My Age Again
Blasting through the speakers
Next room over
Parents trying, and failing, to get some sleep
It doesn’t work for everybody
But it works for me.

In a frustrated mood?
Maybe worried about a test
Or mad at a certain someone
Listen to some Angels and Airwaves
Long introductions
Soft instruments
A steady rhythm
Tom DeLonge’s new band
Soothing me to sleep

Wide awake?
Not yet ready to sleep
Need a deep, soothing voice
Listen to David Allan Boucher
On Bedtime Magic 106.7
A deep, distant rumble
Thunder in the distance
Bores me to sleep
The music however
Oldies, my favorites
Makes me want to stay awake

Music is my life
It gets me through happy, hard, sad, and carefree times
Whether it’s playing an instrument or singing
Or just listening on the radio
(Although I do sing along)
I couldn’t live without it
Who could?

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