August 18, 2008
By Isaiah Du Pree, Columbia, MD

Maybe if we didn’t send such degradation
Our world would not suffer all this humiliation
We wouldn’t have blacks in trials and tribulations
America would try to handle current situations
This is our world it’s not an animation
It won’t disappear with some prestidigitation
Because in this world there is no sanctification
What we need is more renunciation
Surrender ourselves would be some configuration
America is dying we need emancipation
Lift ourselves up and gather determination
There would be no more. No more limitations
No more examinations and weak investigations
No more lies. No more false education
You were meant to be you are a creation
Anyone who told you different used manipulation
If we keep this up there will be extermination
We must find a way to prevent annihilation
This is what I speak this is my citation
This is my demand this is my declaration

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