A World Without Poetry

January 30, 2013
The world would stand still and birds wouldn’t fly
Dark clouds permanently rooted in the sky
The sun would not shine nor the moon glisten brightly
The stars would no longer be as sightly
The colors would bleed out of orchid and rose
No tendrils of sweetness drifting to your nose
No singing or dancing, no fun or delight
No other words would shine as so bright
My heart would feel empty, drained, overflown
Without any place for my soul to roam
A sheath without sword, a bird without wings
A child without imagination, a singer that cannot sing
Without this way to get on with my day
I would no longer have very much to say
I could no longer sing the words in my heart
A world without rhymes would tear me apart
My voice would stay silent and not say a word
A world without music would just be absurd
A world without poetry would continue on
But poetry is just the absence of song
The world would stand still and birds wouldn't fly
With a heart full of sadness permanently rooted in the sky

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