A is for Amorous

August 18, 2008
By spineless_liberalxo GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
spineless_liberalxo GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"life's not a paragraph. and death, i think, is no parenthesis."--e.e. cummings.

Today my teacher said, "Pick your favorite place on earth
and write an essay all about it due in just a day."
Well your arms are the only place in my mind that are even writing-worth,
So I take a pen and start to write the details all away.

I capture how you smile at me and how I grin and look away,
A mental piece of art that runs our laughter off the page.
A picture of the longing when you miss me every day,
And the strength that gets us through those times of sadness, grief, and rage.

It was a sad surprise when I saw my paper the next day,
All marked up and no longer full of energy and fizz.
I found every letter on there but the most-desired "A"
And a note that said "when you grow up you'll find out what love is."

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