Oceanic Wonders

August 18, 2008
By Mary-Jean H, Ottawa, ZZ

As you walk next to the cool crisp waters, you realize just how extraordinary it is.
The waves reach their tentacles of water at you
Trying to make you a part of them.
Though they fall back, only to attempt again
Over and over again.
The waves breathe in and out rhythmically, and never changing
It has been so before you or any human could have seen otherwise.

The sand and sea foam ooze beneath your feet as you walk on the long shore’s edge.
All the mist surrounding you thickens the air about yourself from the spume,
Spitting up from the shallow coast.
The spume from the sea spray and gentle squirt goes on your face,
Refreshing, and tranquil with a slight salty taste.

Up above, the faultless deep blue almost charcoal sky covers you
Making you feel safe from the fictitious dangers penetrating in your thoughts
Watching over you and keeping you under its sombre gaze.

The wakes trail far off into the distance
There’s more and more, it never ends,
Just with no resistance.

Almost as deep as the sky, the waters are
Except they shine.
The moonlight brightens the waves blending its gleam into the sea’s azure beauty.

The moon is full and virtuous,
Calming the billows and breaks that would churn the water and surge it to be raging and wild.
But now it is still and serene, the way you like it.
As you walk on you know that this is your place,
That it’s shimmering and glorious shores will never leave your thoughts.

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