Hollow Home

August 17, 2008
I cannot feel my body as I lay
my equilibrium begins to play its tricks
My eyes shut and the world is cut off
Am I even existing?
A deep breath does not make all right
A familiar emptiness makes itself at home
Filling in hope's spot in my heart
It settles quickly, this is all too well known
The beat of my heart starts to slow
It's given up skipping beats at the sound of their names
Pieces begin to fall
and my eyelids start to flutter
The air is dancing on my finger tips
and inside my lungs
The sunlit room is calling me,
begging for me to over take the hollowness
My lips part with a sigh
and I feel the atmosphere change
even the dust falls as my eyes open
I have entered these surroundings easily
The lonely air grasps at me
and when realization sets in
the sun sneaks behind the horizon
and the moon comes out of the deep blue sky

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