Miss Mellon Collie

January 23, 2013
By Lithium96 SILVER, Stuart, Iowa
Lithium96 SILVER, Stuart, Iowa
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Miss Mellon Collie is at my door again
ask me for some company says just let me in
I sit and drink and think just to be sunk
she kills me softly and I fall i've taken enough

so let me fall back down my stairs 
I think im done with all my cares
and worries are gone 
goodbye so long 
so why do I still feel so rough

Miss Mellon Collie is in my head 
singing her sad song
in my voice she says be dead
it will be all gone
Im tired and aching and full of hate
for the things that I love
Im cold and numb separate
the morning raven from a dove

over the ocean and back again
is where I think I belong
I shiver and smile and just pretend
and Miss Melon Collie sings her song

I dont know what the say
I dont know what they play
to be like they are so happy 
to be like they are so free
and I know i dont belong

so Miss Mellon Collie put me back to bed
just let me go to sleep
your sad song is stuck in my head
Im sure it will haunt my dreams
I'll lay with my eyes wide open and I wont see a thing
Miss Mellon Collie is beautiful
and from my crying will ring
a tale of all the paradise and a loving soul
but only hurt it will bring

When the shades our pulled down 
Miss Mellon Collie spreads her light
when the stars all go down
Miss Mellon Collie says its alright
she tells me it will be a goodnight
Miss Mellon Collie loves my life

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