August 17, 2008
By Elexis Waugh, Memphis, TN

Love, what is it
Is it an emotion
Is it a feeling
Is it something you can touch or something you can taste
Is it real or is it fake
Can it harm you or make you feel better
Is it worth having or worth throwing away
Is it even worth going the distance for
Some say that it's just a word that boys use meaning legs open very easy
Others say that it's a feeling that can't compare to any other
But to me love is b.s because you fall in it too quickly and get hurt by it very badly
Love can make you do a bunch of crazy things that you wouldn't normally do and it also can destroy you like nothing else
When you fall in love be careful
Make sure it's with someone special
It's not worth sharing with a lowdown little boy or girl
Don't get me wrong now love is a great feeling to share with what some may call the 'right' person
But to tell you the truth no one in the world is perfect so is anyone really the 'right' person
Think about it
How many people have you loved? and you were actually in a relationship with them
Compare that number with how many of them who actually loved you as much as you loved them
Now are you all still together or not but both of you called yourselves loving each other
I've been in love, out of love, hurt by love, blessed by love but in the end it's just a four letter word that comes with a whole lot of b.s

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