Who We Are

August 17, 2008
By Jen Adcock, North Tonawanda, NY

A page of me, blank, white...daunting.
It's empty.
But I'm not empty.
I'm not blank,
I'm not clear.
I am full of memories
Of likes
Of dislikes
Of me.
I am full of blood
Of living breathing tissue
Just like you.
But not just like you.
We are different.
I am me.
You are you.
I know myself.
Could I ever know you?
Really, truly know you?
No, I couldn't.
Because I am me
And you are you.
We are who we are,
Nothing more,
Nothing less.
Time tries to pull, to grab, to take
Me away from me.
But I can hold onto myself.
I can hold onto my memories
My likes
My dislikes
My me.
My heart beating in perfect unison
With yours.
With everyone's.
With the world.
The very earth pulses
With my heartbeat.
My breathing shifts the world,
The universe,
I stir the very building blocks
That make up this earth
We stand on.
What do I influence?
With this simple breath
What have I changed?
Did I alter someone's birth?
Someone's death?
Someone's life?
Because I am me
And you are you.
All wrapped up
In cells,
In tissues,
In blood
We are ourselves.
And in ourselves we are

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