Falling Tears

August 17, 2008
By Amy Vennemeyer, West Chester, OH

I looked away from the forlorn grave
I was so sad that you passed away
All around me, a sea of black
People mourning your death with me
I left knowing I would never forget that day
Because everywhere I looked, there were falling tears

The memory of you brings falling tears
My face is now so grave
Sometimes I lose track of the day
Because sometimes I can’t turn away
I feel your presence here with me
In a world that feels so cold and black

I stare at the cinders, dead and black
And I wish you were here with me
I cannot stop my falling tears
That are so very grave
I didn’t want you to go away
Long ago, on that terrible day

Sometimes I want to go back to a day
Before your death, and the eternal blackness
That came when you passed away
Before so many falling tears
That prove to be so grave
So you can be there with me

But I know you will never be with me
For another glorious day
Because you reside under a stone grave
That was surrounded by mourners in black
While everyone experienced falling tears
That chased the happiness away

So now, I pass away
So you can be with me
And my dead body provokes falling tears
On a rainy, solemn day
Around me, there is a sea of black
As I am lowered into my grave

Next to each other, we lie in our graves
Undisturbed, in soil that is black
Now, we will be together every day

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