Just wanted to tell you

August 17, 2008
By kristi kelsey, Orem, UT

As lie in bed.
Trying to find sleep.
I think of that tear.
That rolls right down my cheek.

I think of holding you.
And caressing your smooth skin
And I start to shed my tear.
But you should see within

Within my heart, so happy
Lies the greatest feeling of them all.
The feeling of my love for you.
And the day I took that fall.

But right now.
we are far apart.
But I still hold that hope.
Deep within this heart

As I lie there.
I speak those words.
I say them over and over.
And hope they fly like birds.

I know it is impossible.
But I still hold hope that you can hear.
The words I speak so many times.
I hope they reach your ear.

All I want to do
Is to tell you how I feel.
To tell you that I love you
and that this love is for real

I say them to myself
And hope that you can sense
That I saying I love you
And relaxing this heart, so tense.

Can you hear my words?
The ones I say with care?
Can you hear my word?
From way over there?

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