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My Vampire Romance

August 17, 2008
By Thor Schilling-Tuck, BARRIE, ONTARIO, ZZ

My Vampire Romance
Forgive me lord for I have sinned, slain and sinned again but of all my sins I find that my thirst be-eth greatest of all, my throat is parched until I hath drank the wine of life that courses through living veins, my foes lie slain upon the fields and forests of the world above, and in the sheets of death I hath lain. With vengeance hath I killed my foes, their blood mixes in the streets, under the moon I now stood, as of blood the air now reeks. The night is young and fresh and pure, I see a damsel approaching, as she walks on down, I see the redness of her lips, as it clashes with her gown. She and I are the same, Vampires freshly fed, we reach each other and as we kiss, our lips start sweating red. Oh, my vampire romance, so dark, so painful and yet so pure, let our love carry on from world to world till it requires no spur. We hunt together, drinking a man’s blood, we look into each other’s eyes and see innocence therein, we return to our lair and together do we commit sin. Our bodies merge and spilt apart under the light of the moon, we kiss and kiss and would continue until we met our doom. Fate mocks us then however, by splitting us asunder, the slayers come and kill my love, before I come down on them like thunder. Their corpses lie upon the hill, their bodies torn apart, she lies there slain in my arms, like some tattered work of art. The sunlight comes as it must each and every day, I sit and cradle her in my arms begging her to stay. “Death will not tear us apart for we shall not remain split, for you my love I would endure every trial in the pit.” I hug her close as dawn breaks, the sun’s righteous fire burns me away, I concentrate and hear her voice, as my life fades before the day. Oh, my vampire romance, so sweet and now eternal, for the sake of the red maiden, I hath slain hell’s infernal.

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