Who are you?

August 17, 2008
By Natasha Smith, Pacifica, CA

They knew you your whole life
But they look at you now and don’t recognize

They knew your name
But now it’s just blended in with the rest

They saw you everyday
Now you’re just a shadow in a room with no light

They used to hug you
Now they can’t even shake your hand

You ask why?

You started to change
Drinking became not only a game but a way of life

You now survive on the thrill of Hennessey
And pulsing blood and Bacardi through your veins

You now risk your life on the streets
Stumbling and falling over your own feet

You now run from the police
Instead of running towards your dreams

You see…

Now you’re just a distorted face
Unrecognizable and blended into todays gang society

Now you’re just a simple game
Loved by one but forgotten by many

Now you’re just an image
Stared upon but not worth much
Now you’re just a silly poem
Read once and thrown away

But what you don’t see is…to me…

You’re still that face I grew up with
Different from any other

You’re still that game I love to play
That I’ll never to grow tired of

You’re still that image I gaze upon
And appreciate more than ever

You’re still that silly poem
I’ll read each night forever more


Don’t let drinking take over
And choose your life’s course

Don’t let it mess you up
Cause you’ll regret it forever

Don’t let it blind you
From your life and goals

Don’t let it make you forget
That I love you and I’m here

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