My Morning

August 16, 2008
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It is quiet
The silence
The calmness
It all contents me
I am tired
My sheets are warm
A massive mess of creamy pink sea
Trapping me
I hear faint tire screeching
Leaves rustling
Voices I cannot identify
I feel as if my eyelids weigh more than I
I fight the weakness of my body, tis’ a battle
Until I slowly drift away
Into deep sleep
And nothing
But my dream exists
Feels like minutes
Yet hours later
Sun splashes through my window
I am drowned in the light
The morning has come
And the grass is wet with sparkling drops of dew
Like precious diamonds
Scattered over the ground
I find myself at breakfast
A bagel sits in front of me
The colors of camels, roaming through endless deserts, the fiery sun as a backdrop
The cream cheese
Tis’ the color of fluffy white clouds
Bunched up in the sky
Yet not crowded together, not stuffy
I breathe in the deep, sophisticated and familiar smell of coffee
My day had begun
I am ready

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nina said...
Sept. 20, 2008 at 2:08 am
I know this girl and she wrote this amazing poem. Look up her other poem. She is a great writer!!
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