Puppet Master: A Poem in Three Parts

August 15, 2008
Part 1: My Movement

My movements are fluid
No thoughts of my own
My muscles do not toil
It is the Master of Puppets, limbs sore to the bone.
I can sense no emotion,
Feel fear or defeat.
He moves me to a smooth rhythm,
An incoherent, repetitive beat.

Why am I motionless,
Held only by your hand?
Is it my will to give you the power,
Turn over the control of my plan?
I sit on your lap as limp as a doll,
Emotionless features a play for all.
This is my movement, the wonder you control
However much I try, I cannot break through your wall.

My lip's motions are conducted,
A great play for your show
You switch me out and replace me just so.
I am your toy and your craftsmanship too,
What will do I have?
Held together with glue
A puppet am I.
The master is you.

Part 2: Attempt and Escape

Now I have realized my part in your game
You lead me to lull to protect your fame
For if I speak your identity will surely die
No one can know what is hidden behind my eye.

I am escaping!
Running from the false
No more foolish silence
I am breaking This DULL

Your thread it pulls tight
I have never been free.
A silent force to lock in my memory
Aren't I human, a wonder and joy?
Can't I work not as a toy?
I am the answer, a steadfast key to your mystery.

My escape is false victory,
You still lead me on.
A mask to hide your fake
Identity is long gone

Part 3: Goodbye Ventriloquist

You move me to stumble

Falling to a crawl.
My steps they falter,

Away from this lull.
Vision slips away and you

See me as dead
Stuff me in a closet,

My soul as heavy as lead.
I'm no longer your puppet,

Don't tell me right from wrong.
I have laid down my dreams

They have been there all along.
My voice IS the straightaway,

Passion leads me through
So I break free of your box,

Been there far too long.

Give up this bit,
You spineless twit!
My words are my own once more.
No more me as a mask
Raise your cold empty flask
Your actions are yours now again.

Goodbye ventriloquist,

You have lost your crutch.
My free thoughts and emotions are a guiding lamp

Even a dummy like you cannot dampen.
Find a new toy,

And play with its thread.
They will leave you broken the same

Master's soul as heavy as lead.

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