The battle that rages

August 15, 2008
By marissa04 SILVER, Frankfort, Illinois
marissa04 SILVER, Frankfort, Illinois
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The shadows swell as the luminous silver of the sun fades from view
They expand until they have engulfed the world in a blanket of darkness
That swallows the world in its murky entirety
The light is spent and darkness reigns over the land
Threatening to destroy mankind with a single blow
The obscure spirit- it prepares for the battle
Should it triumph, mankind shall be led down the road of deceit and destruction to the inevitable pit of despair, where the minds of evil doers seek revenge and darkness reigns forever
The battle is approaching
The fantastic spread of majestic stars prepares for the struggle
The light’s power is abundant in strength that matches the billowing clouds of the night
The light prepares its armor; a shield of sunlight protects its growing energy
Should light prevail, mankind would be spared from the evil that has slowly gained the power of the worldly beings
The light readies for the battle, the darkness is in for a mighty struggle between evil and goodness… the goodness that approaches in the form of the blinding light
The battle is approaching
The evil that covers the human kind will not give up its deadly clutches easily,
The battle is approaching
Cautiously the light creeps forward bearing the weight of the world
The thick dripping coat of darkness is being fed by the evil works on earth
The earth is falling but the light has come to catch it
The battle is here
The huge pitch billowing clouds ascend on the light attempting to wring the life from those who feed it with their good works
The dark strikes first; a force that should not be reckoned with echoes into the starry sky
The spirit of the light is powerful but is nothing without the beings who have faith in it
The very fate of humanity rests in the depths of the outcome of the battle
The battle rages
In every being that ever was and ever will be
The battle rages
Every individual must choose for himself
He must to either walk the way of the evil sorcerers and fuel the darkness or he must choose the unknown path that ends in light and a savior
The battle continues
The light is weakened by the power of the darkness but turns to the beings who live in it
Many times the dark is too powerful and much of the light is taken out by the cold black cloud
But sometimes, every one in a million beings will choose the path less chosen; the path that leads to the light
The light grows in this and can hang on a bit longer
Finally- the light shoots back and the darkness is overcome
It pulls back and becomes slow to attack
It slinks away and is swallowed by the oncoming dawn
The night is over, the battle is not
The war has just begun but this being chose the light and good has triumphed over evil if only for a little while…
The battle subsides, the light triumphs

The author's comments:
The battle that rages within us all is the one that defines who we are. It is how we choose are path and how we choose to lead our life.

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