Right and Wrong

August 15, 2008
I pretend to be okay,
Holding out another day,
I don’t scream I couldn’t dare,
To let you see through the misery there,
I hold you close but myself afar,
Afraid of hurting who you are,
I tried to warn you but you said no,
You stayed my friend you wouldn’t go,
If I could turn off the music so that there was no sound,
You would hear my heart plummeting into the ground,
Open your eyes see past my gentle lies,
Trying to protect you with a pitiful disguise,
You see right through it but you’re still here,
I want to make you feel the fear,
I want you to go and continue on,
Chasing you is far past wrong,
I’m misery in a bad disguise,
Seen through the weakest eyes,
These stupid lies,
And then there’s you,
You too hide the truth,
I see past your disguise too to your own misery,
It all just seems to me like familiarity,
A taste of hope is far past gone,
You were right and I was wrong.

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