A Frenetic Philosophy

August 20, 2008
By Jonathan Fayter-Ferguson, Petersburg, NJ

Is it true? Is it true that you who knew continue to re-new the new folk who subdue the tried-and-true as you corrupt the abstract? In fact the last cast or band of unity I made played a charade that gave way for someone to have undone and re-iterate and insinuate as they incinerate the degenerate and regenerate at a better rate than I could take or endure as I heal, as I feel so surreal and reveal a totally relevant revelation rockin' servants and kings who aren't deserving of things, in a spacious place in the galaxy, fallacies don't mean anything when you sing to me,

As I storm a form of rage and fury, in a hurry so blurry and you scurry to safety, make me a leader of the forsaken, take me to a better place than this fake one, if you cant find it, I'll make one, I'll stake one out as you shout vocals that shatter hopeful choirs that wired a higher sire and sovereign that says amen, for this omen you know men, will attack so fall back,

The scars of ours can be felt as far as Mars, and beyond the fond ones and lovers, that pull the gloves off and say go ahead: hate or hurt them, or alert them and warn them as you join them and leave me standing here stupidly thunderstruck like it's dumb luck, and unluckily, I furiously fuel infernos that discern those who go blow to blow from a flow gathered and shattered but as it broke so did your throat leaving you speechless and silent, violently changing and ranging from big to small my child, like the call of the wild, I smiled as I met my biggest regret, which was to forget my memories, enemies that remember me, render me amused and bruised as I defend you again

I don't sleep I don't dream, notice you sleep and seem, to have nightmares, the speakers blare a choice voice that fits perfectly inadvertently changing you again, I seem to at least admit defeat, at least when history repeats at the height of a frightening lightning and thunder cloud, which is just underground, my sounds so synthetic, yet nature knows I flow straight from a principle that injures all, of you who already knew that I said so,

In a chaotic catastrophe catchin' creatures curiously curing and creating resonance, I speak not to preach, but to breach, with a screech, a barrier, so I may reach a new point in time, with a rhyme so sublime, almost divine, I find, as we travel our minds to find our answers,

I'll keep it a secret if you do, destroy it and me too, you knew I'd sacrifice it all to teach all of you, My comrades that tell me and help me, I selfishly kept it in, so we could win a war where losers are sent to a better place, in case we can't go with the undertow and instead resist with a clenched fist in this war I wage on the stage set by a predicate and protect the verb, the subject, I heard, went to her funeral, the numerical numbers that numbed were selective, Adjectives are defensive and protective?

I attack alphabets abstractly exactly as I exist on offensive negotiations, the associations I proclaim lay way for a string of adverbs to assault a vault coded in words and letters, in a synched move, that linked you together, like an untold interval, I see he reluctantly forgot my soarin' syllables strikin' his serpentine servants, I know I go on to a dawn that will always be there tomorrow, I call through out them, to rout them thoroughly, unsurely sharing secrets that could break a man in half, whispering wise words that make mad men laugh,

I cast out a hand to pick up my dead friends, my adrenaline kicks up as I pick up my allies that defy as I retry to heal and cure and rejuvenate, an interesting indicator of an angel who lost his wings who sings to find an echo, I guess I'm never givin' up, even when its time to let go

The author's comments:
I'm a slam poet. This is one of my finest creations. I hope you enjoy it and you truly disect it to gain everything I've learned and displayed in this poem.

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