Rhythm of Me

August 17, 2008
By Jen Adcock, North Tonawanda, NY

Phone off.
Laptop off.
Take a step back.
Just me alone,
Music playing,
Harmonizing with my mind.
I sit alone,
The rhythm of a song.
My heartbeat is the drumbeat,
Lonely and strong.
My breathing is the low bass,
Quiet, but always there,
Taking on irregular rhythm
As my breathing hitches.
My scattered thoughts are the guitar,
Buzzing, humming, moving too fast
To stay on one place long.
My primal emotions are the keyboard,
Tying down the guitar's erratic notes.
Giving them meaning,
Giving them weight.
The lyrics float around me,
Pushing and pulling at the music.
I am the song.
Hidden beneath
Cell phones,
And too much.
I am the rhythm,
The beat
The song.

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