A Rorschach to All

August 17, 2008
Black amongst White,
White amongst Black,
Never changes.
Never mixes.
Never... Grey.
This is me.
I don't care for fads.
Trends? I do what I want.
For all who meet me interpret me,
As they wish to see me.
I am a Rorschach to all.
For Man does not delve deep,
To interpret things.
Eyes and only eyes.
No Heart.
No Mind.
Assumptions, no more, no less.
Ask for more and laughter,
Shall be the only answer.
Fine with me.
I am a Rorschach to all.
Uncompromising. Unchanging.
Many say I'm stubborn.
Perhaps... perhaps not.
But continue to interpret me,
It's quite amusing, the things people say.
"You're so smart."
You're such an idiot."
"Oh you're so pretty."
"Could you be any uglier?"
If that's how you decipher what you see.
But if you'll excuse me,
I have to go laugh at the absurdity,
Of it all.
Of every preconception,
Whether positive and kind,
Or lewd and disdainful.
Ha ha ha.
Ha ha.
It's all wrong. All of it.
We, the People, cannot be defined.
Not truly.
Not ever,
By anyone else.
It's all assumptions,
For I, to you, am a Rorschach..
As you very much are to me.
We interpret each other forevermore.
Black amongst White.
White amongst Black.
Never changes.
Never mixes.
Never... Gray.
This is me.

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