Girl Lost in World

August 14, 2008
By Chris Knight, Austin, TX

glass shatters and hits the ground
all the energy is converted into sound
its a cry out for attention
one in which she never mentioned
to anyone, not even her friends
the ones who will not be with her in the end

people always leave
and she knew that
and people always change
and she proved that

that night she was in her darkest hour
her emotions took over and she lost all power
and instead of asking for help
she kept with pride kept it to herself
the social scene in which no fits
is the reason there are so many cliques

shes drinks because of her addiction
loving how her reality always turns to fiction
seems like the best night of her life
but the next morning she still reaches for the knife
realizing nothing can take the pain away
the pain thats caused from so much betray

not again
this has got to stop
so screwed up in the head
that there are not even tears shed
instead it is way more dramatic
the drama in which leads to death
but please just take a deep breathe
and realize life is what you make it

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