Regretful Fault

August 14, 2008
By Iesha Thompson, Spring City, PA

She wants it back, but can’t have it, because she is the one who lost it. No one took it from her, or made her give it up, she let it go, lost it because of dirty secrets and bad decisions. It once was her everything, when it wasn’t there for two seconds she missed it like crazy, now she cries at night because it won’t come back, and no matter how hard she wishes or how much she cries, it will never come back. She let it go for so long it wondered away and told itself it will never come back because now it didn’t want to. She visits it every once and awhile, and it greets her like nothing ever happened, but she can’t stay with it long, because it won’t let her. Others that were part of it with her, still remain and they won’t let her back in, for she left them too. Bad decisions aren’t always that small, and sometime they will never be fixed. She let go of a friendship, that built itself strong in a year, she let herself out, the door locked, and those other girls will never let her back in, because when your in, your vulnerable, and she has the reputation of tearing them down and belittling their self-esteem. Now they’re strong without her, and without her they will remain there, and they will remain strong.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem during the time when I part of this group of close friends and one of the girls decided to venture away and started to insult the rest of the girls and myself, and when the friends she left us for went away she tried to come back into the group and we decided not to, we still talked to her but she wasn't part of the group anymore.

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