From Love's Point of View

August 14, 2008
By Sam Gomez, Brookyln, NY

I have no true definition
Yet I am used as such a daily word
I am but a river surrounded by people
A stream with the perfect amount of water
And created to flow in one direction
As a drop of water is placed back into me
My water current changes
As If the little that I gave them
Was not good enough
They manipulate my power
For their own self gain
As more of the world gives up on me
And many tremble at my pronunciation
More people drift away
Until so little are left
And hope is no longer held in my ability
As if I must pay for THEIR misuse
Seen as a miracle
If their utilization of my might is a success
And their passion
Remains embedded in their emotions forever
As their generation comes to an end
And their children follow in THEIR footsteps
Again an incorrect usage of my force
A never ending cycle
That I have become used to
Because this is seen as my job
A responsibility where one out of a million times
They actually use my work to their advantage
For THEIR better being
Until a couple of seconds go by
And somewhere in the world
My water flow changes

The author's comments:
I'm sure that everyone in the world knows somebody that has used the word love for their own personal reasons. I am a firm believer in saying how you feel, but being honest about it. This is just my response to anyone who wrongly uses the word.

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