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A time of War

Little Johnny's out in the rain,
With a gun in his hand and idea in his brain;

He's going to set his country free,
And bring things back to how they used to be;

Joe Torrey is only thirty years old,
With eyes of green, and hair of gold;

His been to most of the countries on earth,
But the war made him miss his first son's birth;

Oh, mother, mother please don't cry,
I promise you I will not die;

Though that's a promise I'm not sure I can keep,
I hope it'll make it so you do not weep;

Oh, mother, mother it isn't fair,
To see this burden you must bare;

Of your son leaving and having to go,
I'll be back in your arms, mother, sooner than you'll know;

I'm going off with Little Johnny and Joe Torrey,
To fight for honor and die for glory;

We'll fight for freedom and U.S. applause,
And then at least we'll have died for a cause;

On Johnny, on Joe Torrey, it's time to go,
I'll be back in your arms, mother, sooner than you'll know.

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olivia123 said...
Aug. 28, 2008 at 4:57 am
This poem touched me. It is out of the box, creative, and I really enjoyed reading it.
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