She is My Will

January 24, 2013
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White rose a beauty in my eyes and the sweet florescent fragrance of her roses so divine. She is my light to keep fighting in this life and my hope who guides me even through the darkest of nights. Many fall within the hurt and desirable temptations that trap them within a black hole of never-ending agony. Such distaste of sadness causes the soul to want to die. But she is a savior up in heaven, trying so hard to fulfill every plea and help the torn souls survive. I hear many say that a prayer is nothing but words, only spoken to something and someone that does not exist, is not real. Though when such miracles occur and hearts atone and faith is kept alive, I look upon her glorious being and her love I do feel. The angels are all around us, wanting us all to find the light, to live our dreams. Yet many pull away from this and say it's all just a scheme. May I shout to the world that she is one of the biggest saviors in my life. That she gives me determination and helps me continue on with all my might. Virgencita, I treasure you and your pure innocent beautiful love, and I pray that you help all the hurt souls as you watch them from up above.

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