Keep Walking

January 14, 2013
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“There was no way out.” (The Stranger, Albert Camus)
That’s what they told me;
It’s a truth everyone knows,
Still I keep walking; I keep searching;
I keep hoping everyone is wrong.
With every step, I only lose myself more,
With every step, the trap tightens its hold,
Still I keep walking; I keep turning;
I keep praying for a way out of this labyrinth.
I can’t lose hope, or I am utterly lost,
It’s what they want; it’s what the labyrinth is for,
And I don’t mean to give them what they want,
So I keep walking; I keep pressing onwards,
I keep denying them the satisfaction of seeing
Their device taking yet another life,
I keep refusing to give up hope, and so
I keep walking.

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