Because You Mean the World to Me

January 19, 2013
By Winter_Rain SILVER, Lorton, Virginia
Winter_Rain SILVER, Lorton, Virginia
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Being fearless doesn't mean having no fear at all. It just means taking that one thing that scares you out of your pants.......and then doing it anyway.

When you’re feeling lost at night
When you feel your worlds not right
Count on me, I’ll be waiting
Look to me, I’ll be there

Anytime times get too rough
Anytime your bests not enough
I’ll be there to make it better
When it storms I’ll give you shelter

I’ll be there to see you through
For you there’s nothing I won’t do
I would touch the sky for you
I would go bring you the moon

I’ll be there to give you strength
And love you to every single length
I will be the stars in your sky
I will light your way for all time

When you’re trapped ill set you free
Because you mean the world to me
Your heart is my deepest ocean
Your arms are my bluest sky

I will never let you down
For you I’ll always be around
You know just what you mean to me
I’m here for you I’ll always be

I will keep you safe and strong
I’ll stand by you right or wrong
I would give my life for you
I would cross the sea for you

With every breath with all my soul
I’d give my world id risk it all
Always put your faith in me
And for you I will do anything

When youre trapped ill set you free
Because you mean the world to me

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