April 14, 2008
For a long time I choose
to carry the pain
Anger building up inside I became
crippled and needed a cane.

Who knew that anger would
make someone so blind
and hatred is a poison
to the heart and mind?

Day by Day, the fatal poison
was slowly killing me,
Blinded by the pain,
I was no longer free.

It hurt so much
I was sure I would die
I searched for a cure
and consulted Him on high.

I then made a promise to myself
for I knew what I had to do
but whenever I saw him
I almost didn't follow through.

Now it's over, I went
and said I was wrong
and from that moment the
burden I had carried was gone!

I feel so much joy and
peace, I am now truly free.
How? I shall tell you:
Forgiveness is the key.

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