A Series of Aqua Waves

April 11, 2008
By Izzy Brandstetter, Lake Forest Park, WA

A series of aqua waves smash against the rocks near the shore.
Bubbly white ocean water surrounds each rock.
In an expanse of silence, all I can hear is the static as the waves approach the beach.
As I look to my left, I can see miles and miles of sand-
Tan and gray flakes each with a story to tell, coming together to create a vast distance of surrealism, as if I’m merely dreaming.
To my right, I see a beach house far in the distance.
It is painted baby blue, and blends in exquisitely with the rest of the environment- not too loud, but not too dull.
Walking from gray rock to gray rock, I can feel each and every grain of sand squeeze up between my toes.
The collective effort feels soft and warm against my rough, cold, lifeless feet, adding onto the peace of this dream I’m in.
I rest on one of these large gray lumps in the middle of this vacancy, and ponder.
I sit and reflect on everything I’ve done: the accomplishments I have made in this life.
But what’s next? What does my future hold? I sit for hours meditating on these beneficial questions.
A seagull flies overhead, squawking at me with that raucous tone he has.
The shrill noise continues, interfering with my peace only a little.
But I don’t let anything distract me from my contemplative state of mind, and immediately, the irritating white bird soars away.
Still, I am sitting, sucking up the grace of this illusion.
The smell of salt waivers up my nostrils.
Suddenly, I can taste the tender white meat of a crab dissolving in my mouth.
Although the taste seems so real, it must just be my mind playing jokes on me.
It’s the only plausible explanation for all of this.
And yet, here I am, still pondering on those questions that seem so simple on the surface, wondering when all of this will end- when this everlasting beauty will be no more.
And then I wake up.

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