My Little Girl

April 10, 2008
Take my hand and follow me
We’ll take a walk,
and just be free
I’ll tell you things
that can make you strong
But listen closely.
Life’s a song

First off I want you to know
That people will come and go
Keep the ones you love
close to your heart
I know you can do it,
because you’re so smart

When your skies turn gray
All you do is pray
Lift your head up high
and stand up straight
“Fall seven times. Stand up eight”

Turn your face to the sunshine
and all the shadows fall behind
And don’t you ever forget
to always be kind
If you want respect,
be the first to show it
If you want the truth,
go ahead and unfold it

Let the rain wash away your sorrow
Always hope for a better tomorrow
Don’t ever let time pass you by
And no matter how hard,
you should always try

See the fusty little things
as a true piece of art
To reach the top,
from the bottom you start
Don’t be afraid to be the first
Expect the best. Prepare for the worst

You’ll meet vicious and kind people
Just know where you stand
You’ll meet ignorant and wise ones
But I’ll be holding your hand

If you ever feel boggled
don’t be afraid to ask
Speak you mind, and be yourself.
You don’t need to wear a mask
Let your dreams guide your steps,
and let your spirit be free
And only as deep as you look,
you’ll be able to see

Stand on the rocks,
and crumble the pain
Sing as loud as you want,
and dance in the rain
Always smile. It’s contagious
Don’t ever fear, just be courageous

I hope these words will linger on you
Especially “Always have faith”
Remember that I love you
And I’ll be keeping you safe

I’m not gonna say “good bye”
And I don’t wanna see you cry
I know you will get though
Cause I will always be with you

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