April 9, 2008
By Anonymous

Childhood: Outside Looking In
Childhood is a carsick explosion into a plastic bag,
Earsplitting eerie eagle shrieks while playing tag,-
Chocolate smears like mud around the mouth wiped off with a rag.
Childhood is the monster under the bed-race,
To keep up with Dad’s long-legged pace,
A bagel with cream cheese is as beautiful as lace.
Childhood is wishing I could gallivant gaily to Greece-,
Captain Planet on Earth Day and the excessively elderly excrement of geese,
Stay in an apartment on a lease.
Childhood is messing at summer camp-,
Power Rangers, in water, get damp,
Afraid of the dark, turn on a lamp
Childhood is playing with Thomas trains,
Barney likes to talk to me when it rains,
Too many wine gums give stomach pains.
Childhood is falling from flying chairs,
Throwing brown bouncy basketballs down apartment stairs,
Laundry room with baskets waiting in their lairs.
Childhood is learning to act cleverly.
Childhood is playing for eternity.

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