I'm Gonna Live MY Life

April 8, 2008
By Prachi Fulay, Duluth, GA

I'm gonna live MY life...is that okay with you?
Don't try and control me...I'll do what I want to.
How are you going to control me today?
Tell me what to do? Tell me what to say?
Why bother now - I've been alone from the start.
Taught myself how to mend a broken heart.
Were you there for me then?
Could I come to you when
I was feeling down and crying through the night?
Were you EVER there for me to hold me nice and tight?
Stroke me hair and wipe my tears
And get rid of all my fears?
No. You'll never love me for who I am - and that kills me the most.
All my spirit is to you was a lonely, wandering ghost.
A ghost that didn't matter, a ghost you couldn't see.
A ghost you didn't get to know, so you really don't know me.
All you cared about were my grades
Memories that quickly fade
Do you remember what I got on my report card, three years ago?
Does it even f***ing matter now? Hell no.
Is that all that makes you proud? What about the other stuff I've done?
All the friends I've made? The battles with depression that I've won?
But you don't care about that, do you? You probably don't even know.
Wow, congratulations, you've reached a new low.
Are you listening? Can you hear me? I'm screaming...
Please wake me up...I must be dreaming
I'm pouring my heart out but you're turned your back on me
Please let me go, I just want to be free
Free from your rule, free from your command
It's like you're a dictator and I'm trapped on your land.
If I follow my dreams, will you love me or disown me?
I think it's the latter, but we'll see, won't we?
I'm going to follow my dream, I'm not afraid anymore
And if I have to, I'm ready to walk right out that door.

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