I Wonder If The Sky Fell Down

April 3, 2008
By Emily Block, Novato, CA

I wonder if the sky fell down
would it ever hit the ground?
What would then become of sky?
Starlight left to lonely eyes
take a shard of broken blue
And a ray of sunlight too
Broken hearts are lost and found
Is it real
Or will I hit the ground?

Will I hit the ground?

Where heaven ends and earth begins
Falling flaming catching sin
From Satan's grin and Satan's touch
Earthly greed and earthly lust
Something that cannot transcend
How our bodies writhe and bend
Take my hand don't make a sound
Is this real
Or will we hit the ground?

Why can't we see the ground?

As we fall higher in sky less sky
Miss-placed clouds go passing by
Nothing to pretend to be
There is nothing here to see
Just take a shard of amber light
Hold it high to welcome night
I wonder if the sky fell down
Or if we ever left the ground

Was it real
Did we ever leave the ground?

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