Every Day

January 10, 2013
Every day comes new, bright, and blue,
And every day, I forget a little more about you,
Every day I wonder where time has gone,
Then I think, it’s been there all along,
Every day I grow just a little bit stronger,
And every day my voice rises a little bit louder,
You thought you’d break me,
You thought you’d run me into your never-ending black sea,
You assumed I was dead without you,
But I guarantee it isn't true,
You never loved me, or maybe once you did,
The feelings you had for me, you hid,
Until they completely disappeared,
You didn't care that it was my heart you speared,
Time heals, until you can feel everything that's real,
And though I can still feel pain, it helps keep me sane,
Little by little, it slowly fades away,
And suddenly, I have more to say,
You called yourself a man,
Then you went and ruined our plan,
I know you're no longer mine,
I let you go to a woman called time,
It's time for me to be happy and free,
To begin my new story with peace and harmony,
Every day comes new, bright, and blue,
And every day I forget a little more about you…

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