Life Decisions

January 10, 2013
By Herk116 BRONZE, Elma, Iowa
Herk116 BRONZE, Elma, Iowa
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In life,
We sometimes fall into unexpected ruts,
The one you think you love,
Just ends up driving you nuts,

We try to evade,
We try to run,
A silent dark room,
With a loaded gun,

You start to cry,
Your face all red,
They broke your heart,
You'd rather be dead,

You think to yourself,
What's wrong with me,
I've got others who care,
And a family,

You put the gun down,
Take a step back,
Forget about them,
And everything they lack,

You say to yourself,
I’ll meet someone new,
Much more respectful,
And cuter too,

You’re just a vague memory,
Lost in my mind,
I have someone new,
A heart so kind

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