August 10, 2008
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I don’t spit my rhymes for fun, I don’t rep devistate so I can end up shooting a bullet from a gun. I do what I do to prove I’ll be something when I grow up. I’ve turned into a dog no more will you see a pup. They can judge me all they want now, but when I become someone the people who judged me will be the same ones who bow. I see what I have now and take my last glance, for the future is comin and no matter how big the risk I cant miss my chance. They always tell me not to forget who they are, but I don’t want to be a rapper so I can be famous and drive a fancy car. I don’t rap to make my bills, I rap to increase my skills. Money is the devil that’s not something I want to own. I rap for my love towards music and to prove one day Young T will be known. Call me crazy for my dream tell me it won’t come in ease. But mark my words when I say, dreams don’t die……………they just become memories.

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