She Was A Stranger All Along

August 7, 2008
By Ava L, Canton, GA

There once was a woman
I thought I knew
But I soon realized
This was not true

There once was a woman
I thought I could trust
But eventually
This loving trust turned into
Old rust and filthy dust

This woman had so much
That when she, finally
Decided to love me
Sorry, it was sadly too late

There once was a woman
Whose life started to fade
And whether she was scared or afraid
Her life slowly began to fade
Because of the horrible choices
She coutinously made

There once a woman
Who never could love another
And who refused any help
From a friendly other
However, this will always remain true
This woman will always be my mother

My mother who proved me so wrong
Because she was a stranger
All along...

The author's comments:
I wrote this in September 2006
My mother lost all her rights for my sisters and I. And I haven't seen her since I was 11 years old ...and now Iam 19 years old ...

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