January 8, 2013
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The clouds whisper a sad goodbye
And I beg them to stay the night.
Their perfect tears litter the ground,
Tiny raindrops have so much sound,
Telling me it’s time to leave
They float away,
I’m on my knees.
To keep a scream, I bite my lip

And watch the sun come out to play,
Shining on flowers white and crisp,
It’s not so bad they tried to say.
When I stood,
My family followed from the grave.
Their spirits hovered soft, and grey,
Reminding me of the crime, my crumpled soul deflates.
They raised arms barely visible, fading from sight.
A last hug I suppose,
My body cringes in guilt and dismay,
In this little act my families love still shows,
For a child that murdered, with a match not a knife
I never guessed my love of fire would burn them from my life.
They are a lesson learned for the very last time.

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