As Time Slips Away

March 30, 2008
By Claudia Weeks, St. Augustine, FL

As time slips away-
We played with Barbie dolls,
And massive Tonka Trucks.
We blew simmering bubbles,
And chased the wild ducks.

We made play-dates after naptime,
And soared on adventurous swings.
Our parents were there for us,
Through all of the bad dreams.

What happened to those days,
Where there was no limit on time?
When we didn’t have any homework,
And made plans for teatime?

Now we’re planning for our future,
Even though we’re in middle school.
We’re thinking about colleges,
And careers we’d like to pursue.

There’s no way to gain back time,
And go back to the good ole’ days.
And I feel it’s just getting worse,
With each unwanted birthday.

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