Let Me Tell You About a Dream...

March 29, 2008
By maher alexis, Brooklyn, NY

Every night I dream of you,
in the seat behind me.
Not knowing where I am

I see blur at first;
I stand there waiting
For things to clear up

An out line started to form
Dramatic images;
Words felled my head
Images started to
Clear up
As I look closer
And closer
I see a girl
A beautiful girl
I look in her eyes and see
love, passion;
faith, uniqueness
your mouth open
I see you saying some thing but I can’t hear
All the words were to
Unclear to hear more like a whisper
Yes a whisper
But all I hear is
“My love”
Thinking to my self
Who can this person be?
I move closer
And closer
Scared to touch thinking that she might vanish
Scared to see what might happen
You put your hand out
Holding mine
I feel a eases
Your touch eases me,
Removing my fear.
Looking in your eyes feel so warm
It melts my heart.
Through out this dream
I see no smile
A kiss from you lips sends me to
Another world
Another world where
our souls joined.

I am held captivated.
In your love no wrong
Can break us apart

Throughout the night
Our passion pours,
My emotions grows.
For you.
Not wanting to wake I wake
Walking pass Ms. Box room
I see you from a far
Walking pass
These kids I
Fine my self in a class
I see my self in writing class
And you turn
I put my hand out to hold you
I feel your spirit
Slowly come thin on till
Your gone.
As I share my dream with you
I hope you join my seek

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