March 26, 2008
By Jennie Purnell Sosina Salima, North Salt Lake, UT

how to communicate, there is no way.
i know all words, yet none to say.
i stand in your presence, towards you i face, in you honor there is no such place.
no pencil to write with, no paper to supply, my eyes poor water, but no tissue to dry.
waiting for your answer, no sound comes near.
as i am waiting for you, my dreams become fears.
the tears keep rolling, my hands fiercely shake.
why won't you answer me? my heart starts to break.
now i cannot see you and the world seems dark.
the day you left me made a permanent mark.
just when i thought all hope was lost,
i felt a brilliant warmth, melting the frost.
as i look up, i see you standing there,
your eyes are glowing, and all i could do was stare.
a smile slowly forms, a whisper in my ear,
telling me all is well, now that you are here.

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