Bittersweet Forever

January 1, 2013
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I loved you.
You didn't.
I trusted you.
You lied.

Why did i think the only one i could trust
Was the only one i couldn't?

You took advantage.
Although it wasn't that hard.
But it's my fault
I let you.

You wanted to prove you made me weak,
you were the only one that ever could.

Due to your "assuring words"
They call me sl*t,
And treat me that way as well
But like i said,
It's my fault.
I made the mistake,
The mistake of believing you.

I loved you

I was just your trophy
Another bet

Maybe there was a reason
You wanted to hurt me like this,
And ruin our friendship
For me.
Was it something i did?
Did i hurt someone you held close,
Besides me?

I'll fix it.
For you.

Could it be you were always true,
And i just scared you away?
Maybe i think to much
Maybe i should of been more open.
I have issues with that.
You should know...

My only defense is pushing you away,
And saying i loved you.

I did this to myself
Because I loved you

Apathy was my closest friend.
But when you came into my life
Everything i lost, all my hidden feelings
Revealed themselves
And were found.

That's always been why it's been this hard.
You took everything with you
When you left my heart to the ground
And me... in the cold.

But you did leave me with something,
I still have the pain,
The sadness,
The lonely.

Since you, I know now what one has to feel,
To turn into this.
Into me.

Well everyone gets lost.
You're my dead end.
And now i have to find my way back.
I know it'll be hard
I'm to far down the wrong road.

All because i made a mistake
The mistake of telling you something special,
Something that's real.
To me.

Still do...

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