I Hate What I Loved About You

March 18, 2008
I hate the way you talk to me,
And the sound of your voice.
I hate your sense of humor,
And how you make me laugh.
I hate the way you bite your nails when you're nervous.
And the way you comb your hair.
I hate the warmth of your eyes,
And the softness of your touch.
I hate all the promises you made me
And how you broke every single one of them.
I hate how you pretend to care
And how I believed every word you said.
I hate the way you smile.
And the way you talk with your hands.
I hate how everything I hate
Is what I once loved about you...
And that I can't hate you for any of this...
I hate that I don't hate you,
But I love you so.
After everything you've done...
I just can't let you go.

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