In the Distance

March 16, 2008
By Don Hohman, Pittsburgh, PA

In the distance a soft but constant thunder roars
Black clouds slowly approach as if to invade the sky
The falling sun gives out one last flare before it sinks into its perennial grave
Summoning the moon for its nocturnal awakening
Shadows bleed through the decaying sky in an attempt to take it over for the oncoming night
Water begins to fall from the heavens above
By now the thunders tremble have greatly enhanced
And the violent flashes of light have joined the ongoing storm creating an orchestra of light and thunderous rumbles
Quickening in pace, the roars become louder and more hostile
Sending ferocious streaks across the sky
As each bolt strikes the pounding rain can be seen
Now firing down like angry spears ready to pierce the ground
The wind now joins in on this harmonic symphony blowing with almighty power
Then a sudden stall... and the wind goes dull
And the rain slows to a drizzle
The thunder and lightning vanish almost as if a great unknown power hath slain it
The clouds roll aside revealing a full and calm glowing orb.
The final sign of an overwhelming peace
The last of the night rests in silence.

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