The Elephant Man

March 13, 2008
By Rebecca Pratt, Arlington, VA

I would never be ashamed,
To have a bag over my head,
For it was can be a symbol,
Of the life that I led.

Though I cannot deny,
I have never lived like this,
My face can be seen,
For its beauty and it’s bliss.

For if I was only a show,
That everyone came to mock,
I wouldn’t just take it,
And then go live under a rock.

No I would tell them all,
I was a force to be reckoned,
I’m better than the first,
Third, or even second.

E. Roosevelt very clear one day,
You may not make be feel bad,
Because if you need to make fun,
Your life is just sad.

No I could never be ashamed,
I would be proud of who I am,
This makes me more of a lion,
Instead of a weak, pathetic lamb.

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