January 6, 2013
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I see you.
I'm sitting across the room.
We both know you're ignoring me.
I see you watching her.
You love her but that's no excuse,
For what you did to me.
Sometimes I can't help but wonder if you ever think of me,
Or miss me,
Like I do of you.

I would apologize if I did something,
But this one's on you.
Everyday I wish for things to go back to when it was just you and me.
I know you miss her, but at-least with me,
You were happy.
Supposedly you're ashamed of what you've done.
But instead of letting me move on,
You keep me you're prisoner.
I'm stuck on your hook.

I know why you do it.
You're on hers, and the only way to prove you have strength,
Is to do the same thing to me.

I won't tell, but I've already forgiven you.

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