When You See Him Get Butterflies

March 3, 2008
When you see him you get butterflies,
Almost faint but still floating at the same time.
Your eyes meet and you don’t want to be anywhere but here,
With him and no one else.
Everyone tries to tell you he’s not worth it and all he causes is pain,
But deep down inside you know that could never happen.
When he holds you, everything leaves your mind,
And all that’s in your life is you and him.
Only you two,

You never want to leave this spot,
Never want to leave his side.
Today’s the fearful day you know has always been there.
Always lurking in the shadows,
You never thought it would ever actually come.
Here it is, the pain you thought would never become.
All you want is to be here,
And never leave.
It’s to late now,
He’s gone.
Stolen from beneath your feet,
You knew it would happen but never thought it would hurt so bad.
The pain rushes through your body like nothing before,
Like your heart got pushed through a paper shredder,
Over, and over again,
Never stopping.
Always hurting.

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