March 1, 2008
We speak of it like second nature.
We know of it like our existence on Earth.
Although we can not taste, hear, smell, touch, or see it,
We are aware of its presence.
Long we have fought against it,
Aching to bend it,
And without avail it overpowers us.

Long we have stood its test,
Which we have yet to pass.
Never did I think I’d see its end,
But, as it has shown, all things do.
It is abstract as space,
Yet we constantly flow with it.

Never does its direction falter.
Never does its stance fall.
Never does it allow itself to skip.
I know this, as we all know this,
From experiencing its effect on all that is.
It determines everything, past, present, future.

We are always dwelling on our past.
We are always fighting with our present.
We are always trying to bend fate,
And to do so, change our future.
It has taught me not to dwell on the past,
But to learn from my mistakes.

It has taught me not to fight with the present,
But to cooperate and enjoy what little remains.
Finally, it has taught me to never predict my future,
Because if I do,
I’ll never learn from my mistakes,
I’ll never enjoy what little remains,
And I’ll never want to achieve a better future.
For it has taught me patience.

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