The Darkness and The Light

August 14, 2008
By Tim Capuano, Gold Coast, AR

The day full of energy,
Full of light and life.
The green grass, the blue sky,
The busy rush of the world.

As the day turns to dusk,
Clouds roll over and the sun begins to set.
The picture perfect painting of the soft glow,
Is the lull before the storm.

As darkness slowly surrounds my world,
It consumes all around me.
The darkness damaging and destroying,
And I despise it.

The lightening flashes violently,
Casting ghostly shadows on the ground.
The thunder roars deafeningly,
Drowning out all sound of hope.

The demons within each person come alive,
Eating away at innocent souls.
Trying to get away from my own,
I run.

Running faster and faster,
Running blindly through the darkness.
The thunder booming and the lightening flashing,
Stumbling and falling as panic rises.

As I run from my demon,
The rain pelts down.
Each individual droplet trying to calm me,
But all eventually drip off, leaving me alone.

Still I run in the darkness,
I know all too well whom I’m running from.
But what troubles me is where I’m going,
And what I’m going to do when I get there.

But through all the lightening and the thunder,
I hold onto one hope, one trust.
That the world will see the light again,
So I don’t give up and I keep on running.

The darkness intensifies, leaving me gasping for breath,
As the thunder roars louder, the lightening flashes quicker.
The wind starts howling like a wolf desperate for blood,
And my demon continues to chase and hunt me down.

The Darkness and The Light

I run faster, terrified that my trust in the unknown will not be sufficient,
What I’m hoping for, what I’m depending on won’t deliver.
I struggle through the darkness as my panic deepens,
And I realise that my demon is closing in.

But then I see it, that one small sign,
I rush forward, giving it all my strength.
Then I realised what I was looking for,
I realised I was searching for the light.

Then I felt a tug and realised my night wasn’t over,
My demon was close, I could see it through the darkness.
Full of lies, guilt, betrayal, greed and hurt,
I could see it so clearly.

So I fought it with the hope of what was to come,
But it was a lost cause, I was finished.
My demon full of lies, betrayal and hurt had come to destroy me,
The darkness, thunder and lightening surrounding us.

But I managed to glance away from my demon within,
And I caught a glimpse of the most beautiful thing ever.
As the light pierced the horizon all fears vanished,
I had finally found what I was searching, hoping, trusting for.

As the miraculous bright sun began to rise,
The thunder and lightening disappeared instantly.
As it rose higher and higher into the sky,
The demon that had tormented me all night long disappeared.

As the sun rose higher still, the dark clouds rolled away,
And the bright, clear blue sky opened up again.
The perfect green grass lay everywhere you looked,
And the atmosphere was as peaceful as it had ever been.

The birds chirped and the crickets called,
And all was full of energy, life and light.
As I forgot about my absolutely horrible, disturbing night,
I also forgot what had saved me from that horrible fate.

My world full of energy once again,
Full of life and light and happiness.
My beautiful world alive again,
All because my hope had shown up.

The author's comments:
Wow. I've just picked this up and I've found it's great to get my emotions out. It's awsome. Yeah, jus how I feel. Let me know as to the quality if you could spare me the time...not to harsh please... I'm only 13.

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