Crystallize-(Short Story)

January 2, 2013
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I slowly wake up and take in my surroundings. Stone black walls is all I see. Suddenly I see , everything in a vivid truth. My mind whirrs as feel the slick,icy,walls for something,anything. I know not who I am,where I am, nor what I am. I know not how long I have slept nor how long I have been awake within these dark walls,I only know that must get out. Cold fingers of fear touch my body and I shiver involuntarily. Something is wrong,but i know not what.

Panic sets in and voices of doubt speak loudly in my mind. I crawl on the floor,desperately hoping that something is there;a latch,a door,a hole,anything. I am clueless and ignorant,despair sets in.I begin to weep for everything I have forgotten,for everything I have missed. A scream tears from my throat and bounces off the cold unforgiving walls.

I know there must have been something, but what? My mind frantically searches my memories,but I find nothing. Nothing. That word describes everything. The walls,my emotions,the tears,the screams,the agony that is quickly rising within my heart.

There it is,in my heart there is a flame,a light,a warmth in this cold. I can tell from what I feel there, that this nothing is not all I have known. But what have I known dammit! Hot angry tears roll down my face leaving streak marks. They provide a nice contrast to the cold darkness.

I begin to yell. I bang on the walls so hard my knuckles bleed. I crouch down choking on sobs. My heart pounds loudly to the beat of a death march. I am scared. I am sweating and crying and suffocating. The dark feels like a thick wool blanket draped over me that I cannot get out of. I say a quick prayer, then I stand up again. I allow hope to form even if for a small moment. I rationalize what’s going on and realize that nothing is going on. So I lay down,close my eyes,and fall back into an endless sleep. For that at least is something, something much better than nothing at all.

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